Violin Solo in Märzparkgarage/Vienna
Irene Kepl plays Bach, Improvisation & Memorandum 1-4 (composed 2017 by Irene Kepl)

August 2017, in cooperation with Stadthalle Vienna, more details coming soon!

Violet Sp!n - spin - Debut CD
Unit Records Switzerland
(26th of March 2018)

Fabian Jäger - Violoncello
Martina Bischof - Viola
Andreas Semlitsch - Violin
Irene Kepl - Violin, Composition



Superstring theory [Calabi-Yau] (Irene Kepl)
SoundOut Recordings SO005 (October 2017) - online release

Superstring theory [Calabi-Yau] is a solo live recording from the SoundOut festival in Canberra 2017. Why the title: because the algebraic geometry of Calabi-Yau related to Superstring theory conjures up multi-dimensional lines and folds in space, and way of perceptions, that suits Irene's musical free improvisations/spontaneous compositions. Irene's solo is multilayered and “multidimensional” and one feels like you are following any of the various lines of thought that disappear in one dimension and appear in another, somewhere completely unexpected in a whorl of brilliant creativity.

Irene Kepl - violin


get weaving! (Irene Kepl)
zero moon records - online release

Ensemble Verso:
Susanna Gartmayer - bass clarinet
Werner Mangele - tenor saxophone
Petr Veba - trumpet/electronics
Ingrid Schmoliner - prep. piano
Irene Kepl - violin, conduction, composition


FOU records, Paris 2017
Irene Kepl - violin solo

free improvisation



Petr Veba - trump(in)et, electr., comp.
George Cremaschi - double bass, electr., co
Irene Kepl - violin, electr., comp.

compositions and conceptional improvisation

hin & her
research on movement and sound

NYX kepl | hübsch
free improvisation/composition

Klang Mosaik
Installation, 2010

sound installation Klang Mosaik, Gemeindeamt Ottensheim "Kunst am Bau"